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On 16 May at 3pm,
Malcolm Balk MSTAT will run the workshop, Master the Art of Running at the Ego Wellness Centre in Lucca and weather permitting, along the medieval walls surrounding the city – Le Mura.

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Malcolm is an experienced teacher of the Alexander technique, a Pose Method Running Coach and author of ‘The Art of Running;’ this will be his first workshop based in Tuscany.

The Alexander Technique, pioneered by Australian actor FM Alexander in the late 19th century has a long history of helping instrumentalists, singers, dancers, actors and athletes perform with greater ease, thereby reducing the possibility of injury. It teaches the release of tension and promotes self - awareness of the body in every day movement, thus improving one’s overall functioning, health and wellbeing.

The high standard of musical performance experienced by those attending the opera at Torre del Lago (or similar musical performance venue) in conjunction with Tuscan Talent’s course,A Taste of Tuscan Artswill be in some part due to the study of this method. Many of the performers will have studied the Alexander Technique, which has for many years been instrumental in helping professional musicians deal with undue tension, and improve breathing, coordination, poise, performance and general playing technique.

The main international music schools, conservatoires and drama colleges, including the Juilliard School of Performing Arts, the Royal College of Music, London and the Boston Conservatory of Music include the study of this technique in their curriculum. Indeed, a number of prominent musicians including the guitarist, Julian Bream, flautist, James Galway, Paul McCartney and Sting have all learnt the Alexander Technique and publicly endorsed it.

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I first came across the Alexander Technique about 12 years ago to help me cope with my ankle problems. I had a series of lessons with a teacher in Cornwall, and using the Technique enabled me to walk more easily, stand taller and improve my posture. 
I am therefore, as facilitator of Tuscany Arts and Healing, delighted to host Malcolm Balk in his first workshop in Tuscany. Whether you are a novice or an experienced runner, Malcolm's workshop can help to improve your performance, and to achieve optimal health for both body and mind; teach you how to reduce the risk of injury and enhance your enjoyment of running.

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Malcolm says, 'Many people tend to use much more effort than is necessary to run at a certain pace. They sometimes use the wrong muscles when trying to run faster or to maintain their stride. It's as if they're running with brakes on, which sounds an easy thing to fix but it's not'.

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